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Know the Safety Signs

Why are there Safety Signs and Notices?

To highlight a hazard or specific instruction to be carried out to ensure the safety of everyone in the workplace​.

What types of signs are there?

Each sign has to follow legislation for the colour, content and type as follows:​

  • Warning Signs – Yellow Triangles with black surrounds; the black symbol in the centre relates to the warning​

  • Prohibition Signs – White Circles with red surrounds and red diagonal line through the black symbol relating to what is not allowed​

  • Fire Equipment Signs – Red rectangles or squares with white symbols relating to the equipment​

  • Mandatory Signs – Blue circles with a white symbol relating to the compulsory instruction​

  • Safe Condition Signs – Green rectangle or square with a white (and sometimes green) symbol relating to the safe condition​ Signs may also include a written message as to what the sign depicts underneath them.​

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