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Fire Door Surveys

Fire Door Surveys

At Fire Safety FM, we bring a wealth of experience to fire door surveys, ensuring your building's fire safety compliance. Our expert team is dedicated to assessing and certifying fire doors in commercial buildings, flats, and Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

With Fire Safety FM, you can trust that our surveys are conducted by highly trained professionals with extensive experience in fire safety. We are committed to helping you maintain a safe environment for all building occupants.

Why Fire Door Surveys are Essential

Fire door surveys are a critical component of fire safety. Properly functioning fire doors are vital for:

  • Preventing the Spread of Fire and Smoke: Fire doors are designed to compartmentalise fire and smoke, slowing their spread throughout the building.

  • Protecting Occupants: Effective fire doors safeguard lives by providing barriers that withstand fire and smoke.

  • Facilitating Safe Evacuation: Properly maintained fire doors ensure clear and safe evacuation routes during emergencies.

Comprehenisve Fire Door Survey

Our fire door surveys include a thorough inspection and assessment, covering:

  • Compliance Check: Ensuring fire doors meet the necessary safety standards and regulations.

  • Condition Assessment: Evaluating the physical condition of fire doors, including hinges, seals, and frames.

  • Functional Testing: Checking the operation of fire doors, ensuring they close correctly and securely.

  • Documentation and Reporting: Providing detailed reports on the condition and compliance status of each fire door, with recommendations for any required remedial actions.


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